• Mahwish ☾

Honouring the Mother

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I honour you, I share my secrets with you and you listen. I find the answers within you, and feel nothing but gratitude. I honour you each and everyday day Mother Earth.

Monday 22nd April marks international Earth day, a time where we can all reflect and think about our lives, our surroundings and what we are giving back to this world. Sometimes I feel the need the go outside and sit in nature, to hear the beautiful sounds and sit on the Earth. For me it offers healing. A feeling I don't get anywhere else.

This Earth day I encourage you to honour the beauty all around you, to think about what you actions. How can you look after our planet and be of service to this world. You will find the answers within you.

Love and Light,

Mahwish ☾

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