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Mindful in Manchester

Having come across the Mindful store at Hatch, I was intrigued by the design and concept. I chatted to Vlad; owner of Mindful to find out a little bit more about what he has created and why. It's refreshing to see how much of a difference he is making and encouraging his customers to do the same. For eco-friendly sustainable products- Mindful is the place to go!

What was the concept behind your store Mindful?

Our concept is to make sustainable shopping simple. We see that people want to become more sustainable but it is definitely not an easy thing to do! In most cases, people have to go to 3-4 different shops to find the products they need. A lot of sustainable and eco-friendly products are sold solely online, which doesn't make it easier to shop sustainably! This is why we decided to open a one-stop sustainable and eco-friendly shop, so that people could come and get everything they would need, knowing that all products are eco-friendly.

What kind of products do you currently stock in your store?

In the store, we now have 4 sections: food & drinks, health & beauty, accessories, and clothing. Our products range from bamboo toothbrushes, natural deodorants, beeswax food wraps to reusable bottles, watches with straps made from pineapple and even bags made from sailcloth. There are many other cool eco-friendly products that you have probably haven't even heard of!

What made you want to create a physical shop in comparison to an online shop?

There are a couple of reasons why we decided to open a physical store instead of going online. Firstly, it seems that people still find it difficult to purchase some of the eco-friendly products online as they want to touch and feel them before purchasing. Online stores simply do not provide this opportunity and this is why our store is more of a place to discover many eco-friendly products and have the opportunity to view-and-feel the products. Secondly, we feel that it is one of the best ways of spreading the message and incentivising more people to shop sustainably. We are a physical point of communication in some sense, where once a person comes to the store, our team members will tell the story behind each product and raise the importance of shopping sustainably. Even if the person doesn't buy anything in our store, we still believe that it will make a tiny impact on how people shop.

Do you think more people are becoming aware of what they are using/ wasting each day and in your opinion is this improving?

Absolutely, it is exciting to see how people are becoming more and more aware of what they are purchasing and who is producing the products they buy. I think that big changes like this take time. I am sure that in 3-5 years we will see a huge change not only in the way people purchase their products but also the way brands produce their products. We are definitely moving towards a circular economy, where ideally anything that is produced can be reused or at least recycled, without leaving any negative environmental footprint.

Do you have a favourite/ life changing product you have used and loved?

I think that beeswax food wraps are my favourite! It is one of those products that it is easy and simple to switch to and also it saves you the money if you consider that you can use the beeswax wraps for up to a year. As long as the ingredients of the beeswax wraps are sourced ethically, then I would say they are one of the best eco-friendly products out there at the moment.

Thank you to Vlad for his time and sharing his knowledge on moving forward to create a better world. I learn't a lot after just one visit and I'm sure all customers feel the same :)

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