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New Studio space!

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

May has always been an interesting and awakening month for me, this year was no different!

I managed to view and was offered a new studio space for me to work in. I accepted the offer as the space was bigger than my current and was much easier for me to travel to.

I am now a creative working at Islington Mill, Salford!

I have settled in well and love being surrounded with other creatives from all different fields. The sense of community here is wonderful and every month there is always an event or workshop going on. I would love to host a calligraphy workshop one day (fingers crossed.)

All my shelves and boards are up, ready for me to start working. I managed to hang my beautiful mandala tapestry up- surrounded by fairy lights of course✨I also would like you to meet my new plant baby Esmerelda! She's leafy and every time I see her I feel she has grown so quickly!

Love and Light,

Mahwish ☾

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